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Since 2011, Erik and I have been making and collecting cocktail recipes. Cocktails are a curious arena, at once indulgent yet diplomatic: the line between invigorating and toxic easily muddled. Not to mention historical: many of the classic date back to the late 1800s. 

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The Last Word

One night in Lexington, Erik and I were sitting up at the bar of a fancy place called OBC Kitchen. The bartender--Iverson--was particularly talkative and when Erik was ready for a second drink he asked for a suggestion. Upon inquiring what Erik typically liked, he replied he was a vieux carré man. "Oh, a man after my own tastes. Let me make you something a little different, in fact I would describe is as living opposite on the color wheel to a vieux carré." But he assured us it was as curious an elixir, as finely balanced, but with a magic ingredient: Chartreuse. Erik accepted, and the rest is down below.

The Last Word:

.75 oz gin

.75 oz green chartreuse 

.75 oz lime juice

.75 oz maraschino liqueur (like luxardo)

Shake ingredients together with ice, strain and serve in a coupe glass.