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Since 2011, Erik and I have been making and collecting cocktail recipes. Cocktails are a curious arena, at once indulgent yet diplomatic: the line between invigorating and toxic easily muddled. Not to mention historical: many of the classic date back to the late 1800s. 

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Mint Julep

Erik hails from Kentucky and this was adopted as the official Kentucky Derby drink in 1938, if you're going to live southern, another cocktail that must be known.

On the Pewter Cups

"The purpose of the cups isn't immediately clear to most drinkers because they are holding them wrong. Julep cups should only be held by the top or the bottom so that the crushed ice inside them can create a frost on the outside." (SOURCE)

Mint Julep:

2 1/2 oz bourbon

2 sugar cubes or 1/2 oz simple syrup

4-5 mint leaves

Muddle mint and sugar together in a Pewter Julep Cup (Or a collins glass) until well dissolved and mint is aromatic, add the bourbon, fill with crushed ice and stir well until glass becomes frosty, garnish with mint sprig